Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Camp (that's not really a summer camp)

summer camp sign
The type of classes I imagine they have a summer camp
When I hear the words 'summer camp' I automatically start seeing snippets from movies like ‘Friday the 13th’, ‘Addams Family Values’ and ‘The Parent Trap’ (the original one, with Hayley Mills, not the Lindsey Lohan one).

Which is bad as it shows that my ideas of summer camp come purely from movies and not from experience.

And this year my Little P is going to 'summer camp'. Well, at least that's what her school is calling it. They've given the kids special t-shirts to wear for the entire summer, there's a list of activities a mile long of what they will be doing over the next few months and even guest speakers (!) that will be coming in to talk about.... well, I don't know, kid's stuff I guess.

Look, as long as there are no camp fires, or weird camp counselors and she doesn't come home covered in glue and glitter (any more than usual), I'm all for it.

What I do know about the summer camp her school is doing is that Little P is super excited about it. She's never not liked going to school, once we get there she's all 'Bye Mommy. Have good day.' And with that, I'm temporarily forgotten - till I come and get her.

But this week, the moment she puts on that special t-shirt, she's ready to rock and roll and can't wait to get to school.

I'm hoping that as she gets older, she will still enjoy going to camp, as I have no doubt this will be something that she will be doing every year - unless of course I can get her internships at work each summer....

What did you do over the summers as a kid? Were you a ‘camp kid’ or did you do something different for those long days of summer vacation?

Till next time,



  1. I always dreamed of going to summer camp, mostly because of The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan does not qualify). But I never went to anything like it, except for one week during the summer when I went to a church camp for young women ages 12-18. I loved it.

    1. Summer camp never really existed for me either - my brother and I spent a couple of summers going to the YMCA for activities, but we mostly just entertained ourselves.

  2. Agreed - Hayley Mills had me wanting to go to camp for sure, but the closest I came was a few weeks in log cabins on a lake with my extended family (cousins and the like). Most summers we just spent time at my Nana's, since she has a huge farm to run around.

    1. Hayley way better than Lindsey. And our summers where the same - spending time with family, although as I got older, most of my summers were spent catching the bus to go to the beach each day.