Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Give a girl the right shoes...

And she can conquer the world. 
Marilyn Monroe said that. Wise woman that she was. I'm all about shoes. High heels, ballet flats, knee high boots. Patent black, leopard print, purple seude.... I love them. I'm of the opinion that the right shoe can take any outfit from okay to freaking fantastic.

And, it would appear, that my love of shoes has passed onto Little P. Even before she could walk she had an affinity for them - going into our walk-in and grabbing shoes on a daily basis. She would surround herself with them. Both mine and M's. Lately, however, she's taken to putting my shoes on and walking around in them. Sometimes with nothing but a diaper on. I find it cute. M finds it disturbing - a sign of things to come.

(Little P in a pair of Mommy's heels)

Recently Little P was overheard by her Daddy saying 'I love shoes.' His sigh of defeat could be heard from the other side of the house. If he's lucky, she'll outgrow this obsession. I don't like his chances though.

And we aren't the only ones. I was talking with a Mommy friend the other day about Little P's fascination with shoes and she tells me she has the same trouble, with her 3 year old.... son. She's not really worried about it. Six months ago he was all about wearing his Spiderman outfit constantly. His Daddy however, is somewhat, um, concerned. 

Trying to explain to a man that his only son is fine, and that he's just going through a phase when it comes to being obsessed with shoes, is kind of like trying to talk to a brick wall. The words just bounce off. He is convinced that his little boy is destined to become a Drag Queen, a fashion stylist or store buyer (personally I think that Daddy is a) just a little too aware of these things and b) does he realize how much most of these jobs pay if they are good at it?). 

I would totally understand Daddy's concern if he was gravitating towards red shoes with sequins on them, or leopard print over-the-knee boots, but he's not. He's a work boot, sneaker and motorcycle boot kind of kid. He just likes to have them near him (beside him when he's reading a book, wearing them when he's watching TV, and on the rare occasion, in bed with him. They are kind of like a security blanket for him - personally I think it's because Daddy travels for work and these remind him of his Daddy when he's away).

And really, the kid is 3 years old. I have no doubt that before long he will be all about trucks, cars and dinosaurs again. 

But hey, if shoes are in his future, I know a couple of little girls that would love to help him shop for them...

So till next time, these boots were made for walking!


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