Monday, September 10, 2012

Chatty Cathy

Little P has been a talker for quite some time - probably for as long as she's been able to vocalize, she's been saying words. And when people compliment me on how well she talks and how impressive her word recognition is, I smile politely and say 'thank you'. But in my head I have Shrek's voice saying 'Yeah, but it's getting her to shut up that's the trick'.

And I hate thinking that, I really do. But a person can only take so much repetition before it starts to become cruel and unusual punishment. (And I just know my folks are thinking 'Ha! That's karma' as apparently, I was a bit of a talker as a kid. I believe the term 'she could talk under a yard of cement' was used quite often in reference to me. Hard to believe, huh? But I digress.)

You know your little one's cute way of saying a certain word or phrase? Well it becomes WAY past cute, when a normally ordinary and easy 20 minute drive starts to feel like a slow descent into one of Dante's circles. One can only say 'yes, honey, we will see your friends' so many times before you are tempted to turn up the music to drown out your little one, in the vain hope getting a moments 'peace'.

It's moment's like this that I really wish little ones came with a volume control. I don't want to have her stop talking, I would just like it to be quieter.... enough so that I don't hear every, single, word. Is that bad? Or is it just insanity prevention?

Oh well. I guess it's just going to be one of those things I just have to ride out. I'm sure she will lose interest in talking once she discovers a new talent..... Right? It's just a phase she's going through, isn't it? Surely she won't be this talkative for the rest of her life. Right? Hello? Anyone there?


Till next time, stock up on noise canceling head phones. It's gonna be a long ride.



  1. Mia is still a chatterbox given the opportunity. It's better/worse when they are in the car with siblings and can argue with them...sigh. But then that gets rather repitious too. Only so many times you can hear the same argument. But if it is just Mia and me she is a constant stream of conversation. So I guess it gets better when the vocab expands.

  2. Zarna constantly asks mum will you be my friend, over and over again. Some days I so want to say no so stop asking. But of course I don't do that. I thought the constant chatter was my imagination until mum and dad after having her for the weekend said she just doesn't stop talking, so I was happy they acknowledged the chatter so it won't go away for a while.