Monday, September 3, 2012

'Nailed It' - DIY Pumpkin Decor

I know it's only just September, and here in Las Vegas it's still hotter than hell, but I am so looking forward to Fall and the cooler weather that I couldn't help but start to think about fun Fall decor. While I was killing some time the other day waiting for Little P to go to sleep, I found this on Pinterest:

(credit - Shanty 2 Chic)
and I just loved how clean and classic the white pumpkins looked. I'm not a huge fan of putting flowers on things (just a wee bit too girly for me) but I loved the concept and figured I could do something like this.

Now, granted, her post is from Fall last year, which might have something to do with the fact that when I went to find faux pumpkins at Walmart (like she did) I had no luck as they still had the back to school stuff out. *sigh*. And you know me, I'm all for the 'instant gratification', so on a whim, I swung by the Dollar Tree and wouldn't you know it, there right at the door where faux pumpkins just sitting there waiting for me. Happy with my huge $3 purchase, I headed home (after a slight detour to the park to let Little P run around and catch up with some of my wonderful Mommy friends) and I started to plan out how I wanted to do this - you know me though, I don't ever really plan these things, just kind of 'feel it out' (which might explain why they don't always work out).

So, will M was napping, Little P and I went outside to paint the pumpkins. I had grand ideas of spray painting them, but quickly found out that the styrofoam didn't like the paint (or vice versa) and the pumpkins wound up looking like bundt cakes with icing on them (cool, but not exactly the look I was shooting for).

(See? My fake bundt cake)

Fortunately, I had a back up plan, and out comes the white acrylic paint, which, thankfully went on a lot easier and covered the orange so much better (in hindsight, if I had of thought to lightly sand the pumpkins, the spray paint may have worked better - oh well, live and learn).

(After one coat of acrylic - it took two to cover up the orange)
(And of course, if Mommy was painting, Little P had to be too)
Once they were dry, I wanted to 'glam' them up a touch, and having some of Martha Stewart's glitter paint on hand from a previous craft, I went to town painting them with the gold glitter paint. 

(All 'glitter-fied' - picture doesn't do it justice though)

As they were drying, I thought, 'Wouldn't they be cute if they spelt something?'. And of course, having three of them, I immediately went downstairs, dug through my craft stash and found the wooden letters that were left over from my 'Personalized Canvas', grabbed some black paint and before you knew it, I had 'BOO' painted and ready to attach.

So for a grand total of $3 and a quiet afternoon at home, I think they turned out okay. Now I just have to find somewhere fun to put them (after my birthday of course).

So, even though I went in a slightly different direction, what do you think? Did I 'nail it'?

Till next time, remember, glitter makes everything better!


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