Who's That Girl

‘You? Who are you?’

Such poignant words from a blue caterpillar.

So, me? Who am I?

Let’s break it down shall we?

I’m an Australian who is currently residing in Sin City (aka Las Vegas), sharing a home with my wonderful husband ‘M’ and our gorgeous baby girl ‘Little P’.

I am at various times a painter, writer, lover of books and music, daughter, sister, wife, Mommy, friend and every now and then just a little confused.

This blog come about due to my need to get all the ramblings that I have going through my head out and onto a different medium. I used to (and occasionally still do) write in a journal, but I’ve found much more enjoyment in putting fingers to keyboard than pen to paper these days and I really do love sharing my observations on parenting with any and all who want to take the time to read them.

I’m not a ‘crafty Mommy’, nor am I a ‘baking, cooking and generally all round feeder of families’ (me and kitchens generally only get along if wine, coffee, chocolate and cakes are involved – not necessarily in that order). I’m not a ‘super coupon-er’, and I’m not really into any specific kind of ‘Mommy-movement’. I’m just trying to muddle my way through being a parent, sometimes succeeding and other times failing miserably, but I figure as long as Little P doesn’t wind up needing therapy, I’m doing a good job.

So, if you have some time to spare, don’t mind my occasional mis-directs and aren’t expecting anything super flashy, then come, sit next to me and let’s see where this ‘crazy train’ will take us.

I’ve got cookies…


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