Monday, September 3, 2012


There are a lot of things people don't tell you when you are expecting for the first time (or maybe they do tell you but you feel that your experience will be so much better. Yeah, right.) Little things like just how really stinky a newborns poop can be (gas mask and Hazmat suit anyone?). Or that baby vomit has the consistency of what can only be called 'slime' (I always compared it to ectoplasm from 'Slimer' out of 'Ghostbusters'). Or that trying to clip your newborns nails is like a cruel and unusual punishment - for you.... Or, my personal favorite at the moment: that little one's like to hide food in weird places.

Little P hides food (not as much as she used to, but I still find the occasional cracker in the toy box). But a friend of mine has a little girl who is almost 3, and she has taken the whole 'hiding food' thing to the next level (and is it sad that saying 'next level' made my mind immediately go to the movie 'Rio'? Google it if you don't understand.) 

So Little Miss C has a penchant for Lorna Doone cookies (the kid goes through close to a box a week - crazy right?). And the thing about cookies like this is when they get a little soggy, they tend to stick to everything. And I mean everything. They have found them attached to the back of the couch, under the counter tops, the fridge door... well you get the picture. Apparently Little Miss C is stock piling for the end of the world, as they recently found close to a box worth of them in her dresser drawer - under her t-shirts. Yup. It's no wonder they go through so many a week. But this isn't the funny part. No sir. The funny part is what they found about a week after they discovered her stash in her room.

Little Miss C's parent's own a rather large SUV (especially considering it's just the three of them). And the whole back seat of said SUV goes pretty much unused unless they are transporting something large from a store to their house. This is the only reason they found the secondary stash - they had just bought Little Miss C new bed and were going to pick up the box from the store.

Daddy decided to go in and lay down the back seat of the SUV so they had enough room for the box, but he had trouble getting the middle seat in the last row to go all the way down. No matter what he did, he couldn't get it to lay down (I think if he had of been able to he probably would have jumped on it). After a while he asked Mommy to come and help. Somewhat confused, she got into the car from the front and was trying to work out why he was having such a hard time, when she saw something sticking out from the cushion. It appears that the middle seat has a 'stow away' compartment in it (they didn't know about it, but Little Miss C did). After some 'huffing and puffing' she managed to get it open and what do you know, there's a whole other stash of these cookies in there. But not just the cookies, no ma'am. There's cookies (some of which look like they had been half chewed and then put into the hidey-hole as they were developing their own little community of mold),  and a small blanket, a book, a bottle (also developing it's own community) and what they think was formerly a carrot, but couldn't really tell. 

While they were pulling all of this out, Little Miss C comes out to see what Mommy and Daddy are doing and immediately starts wailing like a banshee - 'Those are MINE!! You are messing it!!' It took just as long to calm her down as it did for Daddy to pull everything out and clean up the mess. 

Personally, I'm amazed they didn't smell anything, but they seem to think the blanket 'sucked' in most of the smell because that thing was RANK (they had to throw it out).

When they asked Little Miss C why she had put all of those things there, her response was this' 'Because you never know when you will be hungry or tired'. Now how can you argue with logic like that?

So, till next time, keep an eye on where your little one is hiding food - you just never know when you might be hungry.


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