Monday, September 24, 2012

Nailed It - EasyFall Decor

So, as you all know, I'm super excited for the weather to cool down (which, is slowly happening here in Vegas) and I've been working on some new fun projects for the house. Since I don't like to do Halloween decor till October, I wanted to get some 'fall' color going and after making my Fall Blocks I wanted to add a few more touches to the table in our foyer.

My original intention had been to do a 'Pumpkin Shadow Box' along the lines of my Butterfly Shadow Box that I had done for Little P's room. But do you think I could find a basic pumpkin punch out there? Nope. Nada. No way. They were all Halloween-ized. Which is fine, but wasn't going to work for what I wanted. Even my crafty friends couldn't help. (I'm seriously thinking of writing to Martha to ask her why she didn't do one this year - I mean, really, how hard could it be?)

So, back to the drawing board. Fortunately, while I was roaming Michaels wondering why it was so hard to find a pumpkin punch, I came across their clearance racks and found two 5" x 7" white photo frames - and bingo! An idea was born. I grabbed those babies, paid for them and headed home.

With a little left over scrap book paper, some fall leaves that were left over from a project Little P and I had done and about five minutes of my time, I had these:

How cute, right?

Not what I had wanted to do, but they actually work out better, as they balance the table nicely. Inspiration can strike in the strangest ways, can't it?

So, for $4 and about five minutes of my time, what do you think? Did I 'nail it'?


(and my apologies for the quality of the photo's for the last couple of posts. I put away the photo studio when I needed all the room on the table and have just been way too lazy to pull it out again. I promise the next one I will make an effort and take some better pictures.)


  1. Yup you nailed it again. And by the way I have a leaf punch but yours are much better.

  2. Well these are actually scrap book embellishments - so I kind of cheated there. But I like how they look.