Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One down, 999 more to go

Don't ask me where I got the '999' from. Just kind of popped in there.

First week of work successfully completed and I'm no worse for wear (relatively speaking). While it was a good week - met some great people, had most of my office stuff (that's right people, I have my own office) sorted out and am slowly getting into the swing of things - a couple of things quickly became apparent.

1) I Hate (and that's with a capital H and with a passion) commuting during peak hour traffic. It sucks. Aside from the fact that most people don't seem to understand the concepts of actual speed limits (their more guidelines really. Ha!) or merging into traffic doing the highway speed (that's right, 40mph isn't going to cut it), some people really do need a high five...in the face....with a chair. As a good friend of mine likes to point out, 'You can't fix stupid.' No, you can't, but really people, this is just common sense, stuff you need to know to pass your drivers license. (Okay, rant over).

And 2) I'm kind of surprised by the number of negative reactions I've had about coming back to work. Really, really surprised.

For the most part, people I know have been super supportive of my move back in the workforce. Comments like 'good for you', and 'you'll be awesome' have been thrown around. And I appreciate the support, I really do. But I've also gotten quite a lot of 'Seriously? You're going to leave your daughter to go back to work.' And, 'Don't you think you are cheating your little one.' Or how about 'Wow. Selfish much?' Um, ouch.

Look, I know there is a difference between being a SAHM and a MWW (Mom Who Works), but at the end of the day, as long as Little P is cared for and loved, isn't that all that really matters. I was proud and honored to be able to stay home and spend the past 20 months with Little P, but now it's time for her to continue to develop her own little personality and for me to get my brain working again.

And to be honest, I enjoy working. I don't feel guilty about going back to work - why should I? I'm in a position now that enables me to provide for Little P in a different way. Yes, the amount of time we spend together is shorter, but that in no way means it's any less important or not quality time. Having an extra income is going to allow us to set up savings for her and us, to put money aside for college, should she choose to go that way, and to do fun little things like go away for the weekend.

I in no way feel like I'm cheating my daughter, or that I'm being selfish. And I personally think people who say things like that are incredibly ignorant. Would you say that to the parent who HAS to go back to work, just to be able to make ends meet? No. So why is it any different for someone who CHOOSES to go back? 

Before you go judging me and what I do, take a long hard look at yourself. 

Just saying....


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