Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The difference between you and me?

I make this look good.

It's sad, but that's like the one line I know from 'Men in Black'. And the only reason I reference it is because they are flogging the absolute crap out of the Blu Ray launch for 'Men in Black 3'.

Anyway, moving right along.

There are a few things that have come to light since I've starting working again (and no, I still don't like mornings, but I'm getting there).

1) I actually like work. I know, weird right?! But it's true. I like my job, I like my boss, I like the people I work with. It's not my 'ideal job'.....

But it's not horrible. And the extra money coming in doesn't hurt either.

2) I have rediscovered all my high heels. I keep opening shoe boxes and finding shoes that I haven't seen or worn in almost two years. It's like running into an old friend that you haven't seen for ages. 'Hello nude and white pumps. I've missed you so.' 

It goes a little like this: "You reach for a box, knowing that what is on the outside is likely not what is on the inside, and you get a little feeling of butterflies, excited to see what's underneath that lid. You ease it open, and oh my, emerald green heels!" It's like a little bit of Christmas each time you open a new box. It's exhilarating, and tiring.

3) I look good in a suit. Shameless I know, but oh so true. To quote one Agent J 'I make this look good'. It's nice getting a little bit dressed up each day. I'm not super keen on having to be up at 5:30am everyday just so I have enough time to shower, get dressed, do my hair and make up before the munchkin wakes up, but, you know, you do what you have to do.

And it's been good for Little P too. She's adjusted nicely to being at school four days a week (Monday's is 'Daddy/Daughter Day') and she's slowly, slowly getting better with eating food (one day soon she'll decide that she wants Peking Duck, I just know it). She's always been a social butterfly, and seeing her adjust easily to a new school environment just proves we made the right decision.

I do miss my Mommy friends - I still get to see them, just not as much. And I can't just swing by a friends office for lunch anymore, but that's okay too - just means I have to have my people talk to their people to arrange a 'play date'.

I know it's not for everyone. And I know not everyone can do it. But for me, going back to work has been a wonderful experience. 

Now, if I could just find someone who would be willing to pay me to drink wine and look on Pinterest full time, I'd be set.

Till next time...


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