Friday, November 16, 2012

Poop! There it is.

We all do it. Some of us a more regular than others. Some go everyday, others every other day, and even others need a little help in getting going. But at the end of the day, we all poop (yes, even the Queen).

Little ones take it to a whole new level though.

With me back at work, Monday's have become 'Daddy/Daughter' day for M & Little P. Which I think is awesome. M however is quickly finding out that it's not all sweetness & light when it comes to spending all day with your munchkin.

Yesterday was a perfect example of this. Apparently it was Little P's 'poop' day. She had gone a couple of days without pooping, and usually after she does that she has a couple of really big ones and then she's done. Not today. Today was 'I'm gonna poop all day' day, and M was in for a fun one.

He hit every possible level on the poop scale. The ' wholly Mother of God, what is that smell!!', to the 'where's my gas mask & hazmat suit'. Onto 'child, I just changed you, you can't possibly have another dirty diaper', to 'how can something so small produce something so smelly?'. Moving right onto 'dear lord! That's the size of a small baby animal! No wonder you were making all that noise'. To finally, 'how can you possibly have anymore? It's physically impossible that you could have anymore poop in your body!'

Welcome to my life. By the time I got home he was done with poop. But apparently Little P wasn't it. Two more before she went to bed.

And the next day, as I was leaving for work she did another poop. M's reaction? 'You're leaving me with another poopie diaper to change?' Yup, sucks to be you.

Seems only fair I say. I had a year & a half of this. I think Daddy can handle one day every now & then, don't you?


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  1. I hate those days... I with my little monster would just give in and use the toilet!