Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nailed It - Christmas Miniature

Since going back to work, my time has become somewhat limited when it comes to 'getting my craft on', but I had a bunch of ideas rattling around in my head, and a bunch of things pinned on Pinterest, that I figured I just needed to get in and get to it.

This one was nice and quick - took me all of 10 minutes to do, although, once it was finished, there were a few things I would like to do to the next one.

Without further ado, my latest addition to 'Nailed It.'

I found this one, kind of by accident - it wasn't in the "holiday" category on Pinterest, so I'm not sure how it popped into my search, but there it was, almost like serendipity. I was looking for something quick and easy, that would make a cute addition to our now quickly growing Christmas village, and when I saw this I thought 'yup, could totally make that'...

Credit - Salt Tree
And when I saw that all it took was a mason jar (had it), fake snow and glitter (had those) and a model street lamp that you could get from Hobby Lobby, thought, 'perfect. Just what I was looking for.'

Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby wasn't on the same page as me as they didn't have any of the small light up lamps anywhere - and weren't likely to get in any prior to Christmas (either that, or a bunch of people in Las Vegas saw the same pin and cleared out the supplies). So, I had to rethink my plan.

I had previously picked up a couple of little trees at Walmart, to put into the previously mentioned Christmas village, and hadn't used them yet, so I figured, I have everything else, why not give it a shot.

So, I grabbed one of my trees,

Gotta love Little P 'photo bombing' this shot.

A mason jar,

Some handy, dandy, super sticky craft glue (because I couldn't be bothered going downstairs and getting the hot glue gun),

Some fake snow and glitter (not pictured, but I figure you lot know what glitter looks like),

And of course, poured myself a glass of wine...

And set to work. I glued the tree to the lid of the mason jar, and walked away for a few minutes (because I know what I'm like - I'll get impatient and want to put it all together before the glue has had time to set and then, well, you know, things go 'boom'), came back, added the snow and glitter to the jar, put the lid on, turned it upside down, gave it a shake and voila - Miniature in a Jar.

So, for something that essentially cost me nada, and took less than 15 minutes to do, I say it worked out okay.

If I do it again, I'd do a couple of things different. I'd use a much bigger jar and actually create a small landscape (a couple of trees, etc), I'd add epsom salts to it, as they work really well as snow and tend to have a little bit of an iridescent shine to them, and I'd really like to use some form of lighting.

But aside from those things, I'm pretty happy how it turned out.

So my wonderful readers, what do you think? Did I nail this one?


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