Sunday, December 23, 2012

Whoomp!! There it is.

This is how potty time should always look
Poop. It's a fact of life - yes it is. And when you become a parent you become so well versed in it, and see much more of it than you would ever have dreamed, that it becomes something of a daily quest. 'Did they poop today?' Honey, have you pooped?' 'Sweetheart, do you need to go poop?'

The 'p' word comes out of your mouth so easily, and you speak about it so, well, almost absent-mindedly that you almost don't realize you are talking about it till the person you are speaking with says 'Okay, enough with the poop talk!' And, if you are like me, that was one of the things you swore you would never talk about with people. "Toilet behavior is a private matter and shouldn't be shared with others." Yeah, right. That thought went out the door the minute Little P did her first real poop. 

And today, M got to experience the wonderful joy of watching Little P poop on the 'potty'. I think he's scarred for life. Seriously. Aside from the fact that his little girl was naked (she had been in the bath) and she pushed out what can only be described as the equivalent of a baby's arm, he was privy to the whole thing taking place because of his position and how he was holding Little P. 'It's like watching a Play-doh Fun Factory pushing out a log'. Well, yes, I guess in a way it is. And his take on it? After he recovered from the fact of watching it happen and Little P was dressed and back down stairs, he turns to Grandma and Grandpa and says 'Nothing, and I mean nothing, you have ever taught me, told me, or warned me about prepared me for watching my little girl poop.' See, scarred for life.

It's so common place for me now that it's 'just another day in paradise'. M, however, will ever fully recover from this experience.

And all I can say to that is 'Merry Christmas babe'.


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