Tuesday, December 4, 2012

25 Days of Jimi...

And no, I'm not referring to Jimi Hendrix (although that would be pretty cool). I'm talking about our 'Elf on the Shelf', Jimi (as named by M). He joined our family last year, but this year, Little P is actually aware of him, and while she's still a bit young to get it, I'm having fun moving him around and coming up with ideas of things for him to get up to.

That's Jimi - already an old hand when it comes to the fun stuff...
I was having so much planning it out, that this year, I decided to create for him a door - his way in and out of the house. Granted, it's a wee bit smaller than he is, but I figure, if Santa could go down (and up) chimneys off all shapes and sizes, and even make ones appear where there isn't one, then surely his elves have the same ability to make themselves smaller to get in and out of areas....that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Actually, the idea for his door was kind of the result of an impulse buy. When I was looking for a small lamp post to do the Christmas Miniature in a Jar project, I saw the doors and the 'light bulb' went off above my head. I thinks to myself 'Self, this would be really cute as a door for our elf'. And so a project was born.

I kind of had an idea of how I wanted it to look, and knew I had everything on hand at home, so all I needed was the door, and a little inspiration.

This was probably one of the most expensive projects that I have done recently, essentially because I bought the door, which was $9 (but with the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon, it came out a little cheaper than that) and a small packet of Christmas wreaths, which are actually decorations for those mini Christmas trees you can get that sit on your desk - and those were 50% off, so for I think of a grand total of just under $10 I had my stash of goodies and was ready to get started.

Now, this project actually took a couple of days to finish, partly because I was sick, partly because I was doing two other projects at the same time and partly because of the drying time for the paint. But when all was said and done, I figure it's probably only a couple of hours at the most, including drying time.

So, take your little door...

Add some color (I went with the very Christmas'y option of red and white)...

And if you are really up to it, paint the opposite side for the Tooth Fairy (I love the idea of a door for the Tooth Fairy to come in and out of. For that side, I used white and purple with a little glitter)...

Let it all dry. Add your wreath and 'ta da' one door for the Elf on the Shelf to come in and out of. 

And since it is called '25 Days of Jimi' I'm going to be posting pictures of our charming little guy each day. Because I'm a tad behind on the postings, here's the first four to get you going.

Just hanging around.

Best view in the house.

He's a lover of music too.
Just hanging out near his door.
Ho Ho Ho - bring on the festive season!


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