Wednesday, December 5, 2012

'Names have power'

Never was that saying more true than in this day and age. In a time when parents are trying to provide their child with a form of 'individuality' and in the process, almost crippling them for life (I mean really, who wants to go through life called 'Apple'?), the newest set of Royals, that would be William and Kate, are facing a huge dilema when it comes to what to name their child.

Credit - SodaHead
The poor kid isn't even the size of a lemon yet, and already a nation (and a good portion of the world) are asking the question 'what will they call their child'? Aside from the fact that I think a) we have much bigger concerns in the world (famine, plague, the impending end of the world if you follow the whole Mayan calendar theory) and b) it's their child.

I get that they can't go nuts about it (praise the gods) but still, the amount of attention this has been getting is just shy of mass hysteria. If you take a look at this, about what William & Kate have to keep in mind when choosing a name for the munchkin, and not only does a good portion of it makes sense, it's kind of scary. At the end of the day, you know that even though they might want to call the kid 'Royal' they have to stay the course and stick with decidely British names. Something that rolls of that royal tongue easily, and maybe pays tribute to William's mother Diana. It's the fact that the Brits actually have bets going on this that is kind of, well, very British.

My gut feel is that while they will indeed remain very traditional with the name, whether it be a boy or girl, you just know they will come up with something fun and a little 'out there' as a nickname. Heck, with Harry as an uncle the kid is kind of destined to have something of a wild streak in them somewhere.

So, I wish William and Kate, all the very best in the long, and often very drawn out process of picking a name for their little bundle of joy. Personally, I hope they keep everyone guessing till the munchkin actually joins the world. I know it's a long shot, but hey, one never does know.

Till next time, get ready for the next generation of Harry's, William's, Kate's, Pippa's and more, because the royals, and the world's fascination with them, ain't going away any time soon.


(and here's day 5 of '25 Days of Jimi')

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