Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hair Stylist to the Stars

I'm not sure if it's an age thing or if there is something in the air, but I know of three little 4 year old girls who have all decided to cut their own hair in the last month.

Granted, their Mommy's have been pretty calm, cool and collected about this happening, after all, it is just hair. But, there have been some changes implemented in each of their households since this occured.

Like, no using scissors without Mommy or Daddy present. 
Hair cuts are only done by professionals (and no, just because you gave Barbie a hair cut does not make you a professional). 
And most definitely, no cutting your little brother's / sister's hair either.

And if I'm perfectly honest, these girls are totally rocking their new 'do's'. One is sporting the cutest pixie cut a la Michelle Williams (or Charlize Theron) - and seriously, that's not an easy cut to pull off. One is very chic with her 'Pob' (the Victoria Beckham bob), and the third, well she's looking very Jackie O with her style.

I figure it's kind of a rite of passage. I personally don't remember cutting my own hair (or my brother's for that matter), but doing some research on Google (as you do) it appears that kids around the 4 year mark tend to pick up those sharp, shiny objects and pretty much just go to town with them.

"Four-year-olds are Tarzan chest-pounders, and scissors are really (awesome)," said Betsy Brown Braun, author of "You're Not the Boss of Me" (Harper Paperbacks, $15.99). "Remember the first time you coordinated it and the paper just slipped through? Then it's like Edward Scissorhands — 'Look what I can do! Look what I can do!' The mechanics of scissors make a child feel very powerful."

And, just so all you Mommy's with budding Paul Mitchell's and Vidal Sassoon's out there know, it rears it's head again when they hit their teenage years, so be prepared. 

I have no doubt that there will come a time when Little P looks at a pair of scissors and thinks 'I wonder what I will look like with a mullet?'. I'm hoping that when that time comes, my very talented hair stylist friends have ideas on how to cut, style and survive a four year old's version of a Billy Ray Cyrus do.

Makes life interesting, doesn't it?

Till next time - hide the scissors!



  1. My girlfriends sons were terrors with scissors. They used them to cut the strings on the blinds, punch holes in their mom's leather couch, and one boy didn't want his brother sitting next to him in the car and so he cut off the seatbelt. Eva was about 2 when this happened and I instilled almost a over the top fear with Eva about scissors. They became very scarce in our house for a long time. So far Gary hasn't expressed much interested but Paige is on her way to 4...sigh new food for thought.

  2. This reminds me of the time Tate cut McKenna's hair - which was all curls at the time. He did it because Mommy had never cut McKenna's hair, but cut the boys hair all the time. WELL, let me tell you that household was a disaster that night. But all ended well. McKenna, like your little friends, ended up with a really cute pixie cut and of course, the hair all grew back, but straight!

  3. Which is why I'm hesitant to cut P's hair. Loving the curls at the moment.