Monday, March 11, 2013

Stop the Crazy.

There comes a time, in pretty much everyone's life, when you want to say 'Stop. I've had enough.' But more often than not, we don't - we push it to the side, forget about it and continue on with our day. Till one day, like a sleeping volcano, something sets you off and 'BAM!!' you explode, usually on some poor unsuspecting fool who just happened to pick the wrong day and time to make a snide comment on your choice of footwear (or hairstyle, or any other silly little thing).

I've mentioned before (here), that if someone has a problem with me, I'd much rather they come up to me and tell me what the issue is, then have it rattle around in their head for days, weeks, months, before saying something to someone else, hoping that it will eventually filter it's way down to me. I'm a big girl. My panties won't get in a wad if you tell me you either a) don't like me, b) don't like the way I parent or c) just generally feel that we aren't cut from the same cloth. 

I like to think I'm a pretty patient person when it comes to other people. I'm also pretty forgiving. But don't expect me to NOT get frustrated when you are all buddy-buddy to my face and then proceed to bash me behind my back to my friends (cause, the people I do call friend, will immediately tell me what a complete and utter ass you are being). 

This goes for posting things on FB or on Twitter, in the vain hopes that I will see it and ask 'What's up?'. Trust me, you aren't that important to me that my life will stop going on just because you don't think I did/said/looked the right way. 

Acting like my BBF one day and then turning around the next and telling me our 'friendship has run it's course' is a little confusing and annoying. If you have felt this way for awhile, say something. Don't get upset with me because I didn't get the obscure hints you kept leaving. And definetly don't get mad because when you decide that we should be friends again, that I don't come running back to you with arms wide open and all dewy eyed.

Some people come into our lives for a lifetime, others just sort of flit in and out. That's kind of how life works. Just because my life continued to go on, without you in it, simply means you weren't that big a part of it to begin with.

There's this old saying that goes 'you can't please all the people, all of the time', and really, who would want to. Making other people happy all the time is tiring - I have enough trouble keeping a two year old happy and entertained, I don't need to be responsible for your happiness as well.

So "friend" this is good bye and good luck. 


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