Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nailed It - "Lucky Clovers"

Let me prefice this one by saying I did a "Heart Box" for Valentine's Day that wound up, well, less a box of hearts and more a 'box of butts' (I put the hearts in upside down, so they wound up looking like little butts, not hearts - my MIL and I had a massive giggle fit over that one, let me tell you).

So, since I didn't display it, I didn't do a post on it, but as St. Patrick's Day looms closer, and I'm feeling a wee bit lucky, I decided to take my 'fail' and convert it into a 'win' (so to speak).

And this is what I got.

The 'Keep Calm' printable is from Pinterest - I went through
over 20 boards to find the original site - no such luck.
Cute huh?

I basically just took the idea I had for the "Butterfly Shadow Box" that I did for Little P's room and put a holiday twist on it. And seriously, you could do this for any holiday or even any season if you wanted to (bunnies for Easter, flowers for Spring, suns for Summer.... you get the idea).

So, quick breakdown of what I did.

Grabbed the shadow box (which I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby, and these things are expensive, so snagging one for $10 was a total bargain), made sure it was the right way up (snicker) and measured the inside to work out how large the background needed to be.

I did this because I want it to be interchangeable for other occasions, and as the back of it is actually like a pincushion, you know, so you can use it for what it's supposed to be used for, and it's glued in there good and proper, I wanted to make it easy for me to be able to change it up.

So, shadow box and backgroud - check.

Picked up a four leaf clover punch from Michaels for $6 (woo hoo - gotta love their seasonal sales) and I had the scrap book paper already, so this was essentially a $6 craft (if you take out the $10 for the shadow box, since, I did, technically already have that on hand).

Punch out a bunch of shapes - I did five from each sheet, just so I could mix it up, and then just three of one pattern (one each for me, M and Little P).

Then grabbed my trusty adhesive dots (seriously, like the best $2 I have ever spent for crafting) and just eyeballed where they should go. I did corners first, and then just went from there.

And there you go.

One very easy way to add a little "Irish Love" to your house.

(You of course could go big scale (9 x 12, or even the 16 x 20) but I didn't want to dedicate THAT much room to a shadow box. I consider it more of an accent piece than an actual 'objet d'art'.)

And just because I know you are going to want to know what a 'box of butts' looks like, here you go:

See? Upside down.

One 'box of butts'

So my beautiful people, did I 'Nail It'?