Thursday, March 7, 2013

Little Girls LOVE Bows...

And ruffles. And pretty much anything frilly. With puppies or kittens or bunnies on them. And with sparkles. Lots and lots of sparkles.

You poor deluded fool.

There is a little girl that I see almost each day in the elevator at work, standing next to her Daddy, on their way to the on site child care that we have here.

And each time I see her, she looks like a bad 80's prom dress just exploded on her. This, my dear friends, is because her Daddy is under the misguided impression that this is how you dress a four year old girl. He's doing his very best, I know he is, but you can just tell that his little girl is so uncomfortable in what she is wearing. But she still smiles and holds her head up proudly, because it makes Daddy happy.

One day, I finally had the courage to ask her what her name was. 'Taylor' she said. 'I'm four' she added, as if I needed to know this so I wouldn't judge her on that days outfit (lots, and I mean lots, of ruffles, in a Pepto Bismol color with a HUGE pink bow on top of her head). I smiled at her, looked at her Daddy and asked if she picked out her outfits herself - because, you just know how admanant a little one can be when it comes to what they wear. 'No' he says, 'She let's me pick them out'. Ah, makes sense.

Over the next couple of weeks, I would see them in the elevator, her in that days outfit, holding on tightly to Daddy, and after a while we started having brief little snippets of conversation (as you do when it's a short ride and you don't want to travel in silence). I found out that he's a single parent (kind of figured that one out already), and that Grandpa lives with them (so no female presence in the's all starting to make sense now) and that she's getting ready to go to 'big kid' school this year. As we got to know each other a little better, I started to show them pictures of Little P. Yesterday I showed them what Little P wore while hanging out with M and Taylor practically squeeled with delight. 'Daddy!! She's got the pants I like" (pink jeans). There was a slight pause, and he asked her (completely seriously) 'You like pants?' - as if this were something completely foreign and new to him. 'Yes Daddy. I do.' I simply smiled at him, got off on my floor and wished him luck.
kids guitar music

Today, as I'm waiting for the elevator, a very bubbly and bouncy Taylor comes walking up, wearing pink jeans, white sneakers and a grey hoodie. She is quite literally grinning from ear to ear. 'Hi!' she says. 'Daddy took me shopping and I got PANTS!' And what do you know, Daddy has a big old grin on his face too. Apparently after work yesterday they went to the mall and tried on clothes and shoes and had a grand old time. As I was getting off at my floor, Taylor says 'bye' and as I turnaround to say 'bye' back, her Daddy mouths the words 'thank you'. With a nod and smile I leave them too it.

I believe that everybody needs a little help every now and then - even if they don't know it - and sometimes all it takes is just a gentle nudge in the right direction.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Taylor will be wearing tomorrow. I have no doubt it will be sans ruffles, bows and frills.

Till next time.


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