Monday, June 18, 2012

Even the best laid plans go astray...

Here I am, officially in 'blog-land' and for once in my life, I can't think of a thing to say. 

Maybe it's the early hour (haven't had my coffee yet), maybe it's the Cheerio's that keep getting thrown at me by my darling daughter or could it possibly be that I'm just not that interesting?

Nah, it's definitely the lack of coffee.

My thoughts on doing this blog were to a) give me something 'grown-up' to do now that I am a SAHM ('stay at home mom' for those of you who aren't familiar with the abbreviation - I know I wasn't till I became one), b) to quiet the voices of my Mother and Brother who kept asking me 'how come you aren't doing a blog'? and c) I thought my insights might make for somewhat interesting reading for someone out there.

But now that I'm here, I am totally stumped. I Googled 'first blog post' to just get an idea of what people write for the first time, and have discovered that it's kind of like the first time you have sex - everyone's experience is different; some where incredibly brief, others seemed to go on forever and not really achieve anything, but most just left me wondering why I had even bothered - so absolutely no help whatsoever. *sigh*

So, till I get into the proverbial swing of things, I'll leave you with a little 'mommy-ism'.

Mommy-ism #77: once you become a parent, things rarely go as planned. Quiet dinners, moments alone, peaceful reflection (um, what's that?), even quick trips to the store, all seem to go out the window once you enter the mystical realm of parenthood. 
But hey, that's okay, because even though you might not be able to enjoy dinner with some friends over a nice bottle of wine, having a tea party with your little one and 20 of her closest furry friends is kind of fun too. So while the best laid plans may continue to go astray, enjoy the ride, because you know it will be over all too soon.

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  1. really go as planned? or rarely? I found that my planning skills actually improved, as did my ability to improvise.