Thursday, June 21, 2012

Laughter is what really makes the world go round

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Out loud, and for an extended length of time. Tears should be coming out of your eyes and if you snort, so much the better. It's been one of those days. You know, the ones where you think "Momma said there would be days like this'.

Little P had a rough night last night, which in turn meant that Mommy and Daddy did too. Although I think M got the rough end of the stick since he was up with her at 4am this morning (granted, he was still awake having gotten home from work not that long prior), but still. This usually means one of two things, P will either be a sleepy girl for most of the day or she will be little Miss Energy - today was the latter. 

We went to the park this morning, hoping to get in some sliding, and then some playing on the splash pad (thinking that she would wear herself out), only to find that the city had decided that this morning was going to be the day they fix the holes in the playground. Unfortunately, we didn't know this till both Little P and I had walked across said playground and had gotten the 'filler' all over our shoes. *sigh*

The rest of the morning was relatively uneventful if you exclude the whole 'putting someone else's snacks in my mouth, chewing them, then deciding I don't really like them so I'm going to just push them out of my mouth and let the ooey, gooey mess dribble down my shirt' business. 

Get home, thinking she would be ready for a nap. Um, yeah, not so much. Apparently she was full of poop (3 diapers worth actually. I swear, every time I changed her there was more poop. How something so small can have so much poop in her itty, bitty body is beyond me). And then there was the whole 'let's pull everything out of the bottom three shelves of the pantry' game (my FB peeps will know all about this game and how much we lurve it).  Finally, by about 1pm she was ready to have a nap (praise the gods). Unfortunately it was short lived. I did however get to hear her saying over the baby monitor 'I love you' (it's her latest phrase). Although, when she says it, it sounds like 'I wub oo', which makes it just that much more adorable. 

Get her up, change yet another poopie diaper (really?) bring her out to the lounge room and she immediately gravitates to the clean laundry folded up in the hamper. I don't pay it much attention, it's too high for her to do her usual 'pull it all out' routine, when I hear her saying 'hat, hat, hat'. I'm thinking, there aren't any hats out here, and when I turn around she has managed to pull out one of my bra's and has put it on her head. With a big grin, she says 'hat' again. And that was it, the water that I had just swallowed started coming out of my nose from laughing so hard, tears pouring down my cheeks, and yes, I snorted. 

See, sometimes you just have to give in and go with it.

Live long and snort loudly.


Mommy-ism #57: giggles. Hearing your little one giggle for the first time is awe-inspiring. Hearing them have their first 'giggle fit' is just adorable, and hearing them practicing their 'wicked witch' laugh with their daddy is just down right hilarious. I do think Little P has a future in being a Disney Villain (you know, should she choose to go that way).

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