Sunday, October 21, 2012

Are you NOT entertained!!

Um, in a word, no.

Why is it, that even with enough toys to start their own toy store, enough books to shame even the best libraries and a multitude of paint, crayons and paper (not to mention other craft supplies) to make even the most hard core of artists blush, are little ones always looking for something new to do?

When the one thing they always wanted to do (with Little P it's tea parties) now seems so 'passe' to them? Is it because their little brains need 'more input'? Is it because new experiences help to shape their little personalities? Or is it simply because they hit a phase where nothing, and I mean nothing, entertains them anymore?

Little P isn't quite that bad yet - although there are days I swear she wants to do something different every few minutes just to see how much running around she can make me do. A girl friend of mine swears it's because they are testing boundaries - how many times can I change my mind before my Mom loses it? Another says it's because they are like goldfish - the whole three second memory deal. Me? Buggered if I know. 

A friend of mine's little boy (at the grand old age of three) has decided that unless he chooses what they are going to do that day, they don't get to do anything. This is because, apparently, Mommy is boring. Ouch. She want's to go to the park. This illicit's a huge sigh and the comment 'Again?!'. She suggests the museum. He does a raspberry and says 'boring'. Okay, how abut Chuck E Cheese? 'That's for babies'. It's no wonder she's getting grey hairs. 

But, you ask him what he wants to do, and he will pause for a moment, go 'Hmmm. I think.... we should (insert thing you just suggested here).' It's beyond frustrating for his Mommy - if she suggests it, it's not worthy of his time, but if he decides that is what he wants to do, well, then move out of the way because he's on a mission. She's gotten to the point where now she gives him three pieces of paper which each have a different thing to do, tells him to make a decision, and she walks away. By the time she gets back, he has picked what he wants to do. What she has noticed, is that the one she puts on top nine times out of ten tends to be what he wants to do. So she's started putting the places she wants to go to on top, and what do you know, he usually picks that one. He feels like he's made a big boy decision, and Mommy gets to go to the museum. Win/win situation don't you think?

Till next time, well, you insert the witty comment here - I'll let you make that decision.


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