Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Nailed It' - Ghost Blocks

A little while ago, I was bouncing around on Pinterest, not really looking for anything, just killing some time while I waited for Little P to go to sleep (it's amazing how much time you can waste looking for nothing on Pinterest), and while I was looking for nothing, I saw these:
(Credit - My Repurposed Life)
And I thought 'how cute'. And then I thought, hang on, I have everything to make those, right now! Which, is kind of a rarity, as usually I need to pick up at least one thing for a craft I want to try. But not this time.

Granted, I wasn't real keen on doing the whole whitewash deal (looked really messy and I didn't have white house paint on hand anyway), and I don't have one of those fancy pants vinyl cutting machines, so I knew I was going to have to wing it - but I kind prefer doing that anyway.

So, while Little P was taking a nap, I grab my pieces of wood (which I had left over from when I started doing baby blocks), my white paint (which I always have on hand), my black paint (same deal) and some paint brushes and away I went.

I gave the blocks a light sanding, just to get rid over any potential splinters - I wasn't looking to create a perfectly smooth surface - I kind of like them to be a little rough. Once that was done, I painted them all white. I am guessing that by hand painting instead of white washing it probably took a bit longer, but I kind of find the motion of painting a monotone like that to be almost zen like.

And dressed in white and no where to go...
Anyway, once they were dry, I grabbed a pencil and sketched out faces for the ghosts (I also decided to add 'boo' to the opposite side, should I want to change things up a little bit). You couldn't really see the picture I took (full sunlight and pencil outlines do not a happy partnership make),  but below, you can see where I did the outline in Sharpie - I did this partly because it was easier to fill in that way with paint and partly because I suck at doing free hand painting.
My Ghosty Buddies

'Boo', I says.
Once the outlines were done, I filled them in with paint, tidied up the edges a little and boom, Ghost Blocks are done.

And viola! Ghost Blocks!
I also sprayed them with a sealant - not because they are going to get handled a lot, but because it will help them keep their color over the years.

So, super easy project anyone can do.

What says you - did I nail them or what?


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