Thursday, October 11, 2012

No autographs please...

(Just a quite side note: the ad that is now online is different to the one that was on TV - it's been spliced with my interview and is basically just a 'gag reel' now) 

That's right people. Little ole me be famous. Okay, not famous, but I got my 30 seconds of fame in. Yes indeed. This little lady got herself on TV for a Walmart commercial. Don't believe me? Check it out: Walmart Challenge

This all came about as part of one of the Mommy & Me groups that I belong to. Myself and a couple of the other Mommies from the group met the criteria they were looking for, filled in the form, had a Skype interview and two of us got picked. So, here's the deal. They get you to shop at another grocery store (on their dime - woo hoo) and then they take you to a Walmart where they are going to film the ad, stick you in a back room while they add up the 'savings' and then tell you who 'won'. Now, the cool part about this was that I was 'competing' against a good friend of mine (what are the chances of that) so we got to hang out, got a cart full of groceries for free and then got our hair and make up done.

The bad part about it was that I had to be up at 5:30am (ugh), be conherent (for the most part) and kind of do math first thing in the morning (which even in high school, was never a good thing). Plus, they want you to look like a 'real Mom' so even though they did your hair and make up, it was minimal and they stuck my hair behind my ears (which I really, really hate) because they need to see your face. *sigh*

But those were about the only 'bad' things. Once it was time to get 'rolling' it was pretty much non stop from the time we left the back room till we broke for lunch.

So, this is how it breaks down. They have a bunch of your items in a shopping cart and you and the host get to 'ham it up' talking about the savings on that product should you have got it from Walmart instead of elsewhere. Example (one that they didn't show): I had a six pack of Gatorade (the blue stuff) so, the host grabs the six pack, does a bi-cep curl with it (huffing and puffing because it's sooooo heavy), does his spiel about how much I could have saved, and that's it. What you don't get to see is what a bunch of goof balls they all are (well, except for the director/camera man and his lacky - way too serious for a 21 year olds).

We spent the day quoting movies during inappropriate places, doing silly walks (Monty Python anyone?) and doing a running commentary on the actual Walmart shoppers. The make up guy followed me around and kept touching up my make up and hair (and who doesn't like that?), the sound guy had to keep reminding me about my mike (apparently I kept knocking it loose).

I got to 'school' at 20 year old in the wonders of movies like 'Princess Bride', 'Star Wars' and 'Jaws' (can you believe she had never seen any of them?!). Had the chance to talk 'shop' with the host - the guy has got serious skills. Has his own Jazz trio, MC's for events here in Vegas and even has a regular piano gig (did I mention he is a musician as well as an actor?).

For roughly six hours I got to run around and be 'cheesy' and go paid for it. I had the chance to meet some really cool people that I probably would never have met and I got me mug on TV. Not a bad way to spend a day.

So, there you have it. 'Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm a real Mom and I just did the Walmart Challenge' *giggle, giggle*


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