Monday, May 20, 2013

Nailed It - Easy Canvas Picture

Okay, here we go, for a week of crafts (and here's hoping I don't have any major fails...).

I've been looking for different ways to add art to the house in easy and cheap ways. I did this one a little while ago, on a whim.

family photo canvas frame

It was super easy and I liked how it looked, I figured I would do another one, and this time I would actually document it. But seriously, this is so easy, a tutorial is kind of unnecessary.

So, here's what you need:

canvas frame paint


  • Blank canvas (I got mine from Michaels, but you can get them from Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, and pretty much any art store)
  • Wooden frame (again from Michaels - these ones come in a two pack)
  • Two different paint colors
  • Brush (to apply the paint)
  • Adhesive of some sort (I used glue dots, but you could use craft glue, hot glue gun, craft get the idea)
  • And a photo
And this takes all of three steps.

One: paint the canvas and the wooden frame in the colors that you want (I went with purple and white, but you could pretty much go anyway you want with the colors).

purple canvas white frame

Two: Once both are dry, attach the wooden frame to the canvas with your choice of adhesive, after you have placed your picture on the canvas (you can use adhesive to hold it in place, I didn't, but if you want that little extra bit of security go for it).

family photo purple canvas

Three: Hang it up.

See, piece of cake.

So beautiful readers, what do you think, did I nail this one?

Till next time,