Friday, May 10, 2013

10 Things you didn't know....

Recently, I was with a group of friends, you know, just chatting about the usual things a group of women talk about when they get together (men, kids, men, shoes, kids, shopping, food, men, kids....) and out of the blue, a mutual acquaintance turns to me and asked me if I liked anything other than coffee, wine and sleep.

Um, what? 

Apparently I come across as something of a shallow individual who is also obsessed with coffee, wine and sleep to those who don't know me personally. Yes, I admit, I do love a good cup of coffee. And I have been known to literally swoon over a glass of wine. As for sleep... well who DOESN'T like sleep?

But it made me wonder, is that how everyone sees me? So to put an end to those nasty rumors, here is a list of ten things that you probably didn't know that I love (outside the obvious ones, like Little P and M, my family and friends, and yes, coffee, wine and sleep).

  1. I 'heart' Music - pretty much anything (aside from hard core heavy metal. Just can't do it). If it has a good beat it works.
  2. I adore the Ballet (and Broadway Musicals, and one act plays - actually pretty much anything to do with the theater and dancing, I'm pretty much down for).
    rock of ages
  3. I love Art - all kinds of it. One of my favorite things to do when we lived in Manhattan was to browse the little art galleries. 
  4. I am totally an apologetically in love with Books. Two of my all-time favorite gifts are reading related - The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll that my Nan gave to me for my 13th birthday and a Kindle that M gave to me the Christmas before Little P was born.
  5. I just love listening to M play guitar. Gives me goose bumps every time - he doesn't play as much as he used to, but I make the most of it every time he does.
    little girl guitar
    And soon, I'll get to listen to Little P play
  6. I love me a good animated flick. Adore cartoons, and animation in general.
  7. I heart Christian Slater - sorry babe, but you know it's true. My one high school celebrity crush has remained solid through all these years.
  8. Chocolate (especially Aussie chocolate), how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
  9. Shoes. Need I say more?
  10. And I love to travel - there is just so much to see in the world, and I haven't seen nearly enough of it. Italy, Greece, Spain.... the list goes on.
See? More to me than just coffee, alcohol and sleep. I swear.

So, there you have it. For some of you, not so surprising. As for the rest of you, see, I'm not such a 'one dimensional' person after all. 

I have depth, dammit.



  1. Well I don't see anything wrong with loving coffee, wine, and sleep! I am a fan of all three. I too love to travel, but my budget prohibits me from seeing the places I long to see!

    1. Right? As for travel - isn't that what books, movies and the internet help us do?

  2. I love chocolate, too. And those pics are great.

  3. I think the first three would have told me that we'd get along famously!

  4. Your little girl is adorable! I love a lot of these same things so we could definitely be friends. ;)

    1. Thanks - always up for play dates that include 'mommy juice'.

  5. Now I'm curious to see how Aussie chocolate tastes :p I'm not so much of a wine gal but yes, who DOESN'T love sleep lol.