Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My baby is a vampire....

It's true. 

Well, not a vampire in the traditional sense (and definitely none of that wishy washy 'Twilight' vampire business), or even a vampyre, but Little P definitely sucks the life out of me on a daily basis.

The little bugger just doesn't stop. Even when she's sleeping she's still moving around doing her own version of the salsa in her sleep. And it takes every ounce of energy that I have to be able to just maintain a pace with her. I'm not even talking about keeping up - I'm happy if I can see her and know that if I need a sudden burst of speed to get to her in a hurry, that the cup of coffee (or three) that I had that morning will provide me with the necessary 'get up and go' to get up and get her.

I seriously don't know where she gets it. There have been days when she's had all of about six hours sleep, yet she'll go non stop till nap time. And this can be for a solid five or six hours of go-go-go. Then after her nap it's like 'I've had my nap, time to play', and off we go again for another four to five hours of non stop running around. 

It's no wonder she 'grazes' all day instead of eating big meals. She burns it all up so damn quickly. It makes me wonder if scientists somewhere aren't trying to bottle that kind of energy. Forget '5 Hour Energy' shots, you find out what makes kids run and you could concentrate it to make eight to ten hour energy. That, or work out how to get caffeine into my system intravenously...

So, until science catches up, my little vampire will continue to suck the life out of me and I'll continue to subside on coffee and chocolate (hey, things could be worse).

Till next time, stay in the light, stock up on garlic and beware strangers with incredibly good dress sense but bad personal hygiene (cause really, how do the undead stop the smell?).


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