Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Imagination is more important than knowledge

I think Einstein was onto to something there.

Being forced to stay home today, due to my body deciding that it wanted to purge itself of pretty much anything I put in it, placed me in the precarious position of having to entertain Little P for an extended period of time without utilizing a park or playground.

Fortunately for me, Little P has enough imagination to go round. 

Today, our dining room table became a fort, the chairs where apparently modes of transportation for her little furry friends, her stroller became her 'throne' (at least that's what it looked like to me with the way she decked it out) and the plastic bucket that holds her shapes in it was her handbag. She told me 'bye, have fun' numerous times, as she picked up her 'handbag' grabbed her 'baby' (today it was Snoopy) and off she would go, into the vast wilderness of our bedroom.

She would return moments later, with the aforementioned handbag and baby along with a shoe and a pillow (or whatever else grabbed her fancy. The girl is nothing if not determined). She did this a couple of times before it was deemed necessary that it was time to have a snack, in which case it was pretzels that she wanted, but we had to say 'amen' before we could eat each one (that's a lot of 'amen's'), and her water was now 'coffee' which she kindly offered to share with me - I politely declined.

We then had to line up each of her stuffed animals so she could give each one a kiss goodnight - this took some time as she has quite the collection, and then had to place each of them on the couch so she could wave 'bye bye' to them as she went to get ready to go to bed.

After reading 'Oh the Thinks You Can Think' four times - with Little P high-fiving every page - it was finally time for bed time. She grabbed her blanket, lay down in bed and waved me 'bye bye'. As crap as I have been feeling, this little girl manages to make even a day like today a wonderful adventure.

So may you always have forts, snacks and friends to kiss 'bye bye' - and let imagination reign supreme.


Mommy-ism #71: laughter is good for the soul. Laugh with your little one. Roll around the floor in fits of giggles. Make funny noises, do silly walks (Monty Python anyone?), pull faces - trust me, a few minutes spent giggling with your little one will make all of the worries and stresses of the day just disappear (if only for a short while).

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