Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!

Since having Little P, I swear I have had more cuts, bruises, scrapes and just generally banged up body parts that I ever did prior.

Now I don't know if that means I've lost my ability to be coordinated since becoming a Mommy (kind of along the same lines as losing brain cells - aka 'Mommy-Brain), or if it's just a fact that Little P is fearless and I spend a good part of my time chasing after her. A perfect example is the wonderful welt that I have on the side of my nose from me coming too close to the chain connectors on a swing. Yup, cooped that right on the side of my nose - and man that hurt. Although, I kept my cool. You know, with all the other Mommies and kiddies around, couldn't exactly swear like a sailor (although you know that's exactly what I wanted to do).

Now this relates somewhat to a story I was told quite some time ago, by a friend of mine in regards to her sister. Apparently big sis, is a little, um, clumsy, and she has passed this trait onto her son. Which I am informed, provides for some very interesting conversations during family dinners.

Recently Mrs. Clumsy was at a park with her son, just having a very ordinary, run-of-the-mill day. Nothing exciting was happening. That was till junior decided he wanted to climb up the chain ladder, and proceeded to get himself somehow all wound up in the chains and stuck. Upon seeing her son's distress, Mrs. Clumsy took it upon herself to climb up to where he was on the ladder (instead of taking the stairs to the platform above him), and very quickly got herself stuck as well.

As I was hearing this, I was actually getting a mental image of mother and son, all caught up like they were stuck in some twisted version of a spider web (kind of made me giggle). It's horrible, I know, but I couldn't help it. It apparently took two grown men, and another Mommy to get the two untangled, and the end result was a sprained wrist for junior and a sprained ankle for Mommy. 

Upon hearing this, I did feel somewhat better. I haven't been that bad, and most of the time when I do get hurt, it's due to my throwing caution to the wind to get to my baby girl. But I tell you what, we are definitely staying away from any chain ladders for the foreseeable future.

Till next time, make sure you have your head gear and always wear your mouth guard.


Mommy-ism #30: little one's are fearless. It doesn't matter how high the slide is, or how many obstacles are in her way, Little P will do whatever it takes to play with the big kids. And me? My heart is in my throat most of the time, the rest of the time I'm just so damn proud of my little 'Adventure Baby'.

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