Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mine. Mine. It's all MINE!

Four little letters. M. I. N. E. They can strike fear in the hearts of adults everywhere once your little one learns that word & what it means.

Little P knows it, but as of yet, has only used it to reference things that are actually hers (her toys, her shoes, her sippy cup) and apparently I'm hers too (she made this abundantly clear when we were shopping the other day, grabbing my hand and saying 'mine').

But some little ones take it to the extreme. And some are just plain clever.

Take for example a certain 4 year old that I know. He is currently going through a pretty intense phase of EVERYTHING being his. So much so that his mother resorted to telling him that only things with his name on it where his. She pointed at his toys (all the tags had his name on it), and his clothes (same deal) and even his cup that he takes to pre school - they all had his name on it.

So being an intelligent young man, he took this information and used it to his benefit. Using a sharpie (a really big, thick black one) he wrote his name on things he wanted to be his. Including the X-box, all the DVD's, his bedroom door, the freezer (cause that's were the ice cream is) and then he wrote is name on his arm (?), and finally on his Daddy's car (brand new Lexus).

When he was reprimanded for this he had a pretty good defense; 'But you said only things that had my name on them were mine. I wanted them so I put my name on them. That means they are mine.' How do you argue with logic like that?

So till next time, hide the markers and the label makers.


                                                                     (credit - Pinterest)

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