Thursday, July 19, 2012

Okay, all I need is a hot glue gun, some glitter and maybe a drill...

I am not a 'crafty Momma'. Never have been, and I'm quite alright with that. I've always appreciated 'hand made' items. I think it's probably due to all those Saturday's spent walking around the Eumundi Markets back home. Seeing all the wonderful things that people were able to make with their own two hands (and the occasional lathe, drill and fire pit, but you get the picture).

But since having the chance to become a SAHM, I have had the opportunity to get in touch with my inner 'Martha Stewart' - apparently we all have one, kind of like an inner child, you just need to know how to channel it. For me it took three things: becoming a SAHM, a bottle of wine, and discovering ETSY and Pinterest. Thus emboldened I decided to give it a go and see what came out of it. 

And to be honest, the first couple of things I made were an absolute dismal failure - so much so that I pulled them apart and put the items in a box never to be seen again. Or so I thought. A couple of months later, I had made some wonderful friends through 'Mommy & Me' groups, and wouldn't you know it, a couple of them are very talented, crafty Mommies. Needless to say, I am once again channeling my inner Martha and trying my hand at a few goodies. So far I have mastered (mostly) the art of using Mod Podge (without getting it all over myself, the item I am working on and the table - helps to do it when the little one is sleeping), able to make a few lovely pieces of jewelry (which my husband mistakenly believes will satisfy my love of all things shiny), and made 'baby blocks' for my little one and a couple of other adorable kiddies.

My current obsession is stamped jewelry. I love it. Love the uniqueness of it, the individuality of it but mostly, I love the fact that I can bang on something with a hammer and not hurt myself or make a mess of the house while doing so. And fortunately for me, one of my friends is pretty skilled in this arena and has been kind enough to let me use some of her items and show me the 'ropes'.

So, going forward, Thursday's are going to be my 'Nailed It' day - you'll get at least one post, about my latest victory over all things handmade (and yes, I'll include pictures, I don't expect you to believe that I made it without proof), and if I'm feeling a little feisty, I'll include one of my fabulous 'mommy' posts, that I just know you all love.

So, till next time, get your glue gun warmed up, your Mod Podge prepped and let's do this!!


Mommy-ism #38: arts and crafts really are a must when it comes to little ones - even if it's just to keep them entertained for a brief period of time. Now I don't consider myself to be a 'crafty mommy' (and I just know some of my friends are rolling their eyes at that statement) - I don't have the imagination or the creative juices to think of something and then just go and make it. I am, however, very good at following directions. What I want to know, is why, no matter how 'to the letter' I am following the directions, when I'm done, it never, ever looks like it does in the picture? 

And, does this follow the same theory as to why, when you order something from a restaurant, it NEVER looks like it does on the menu? Just coincidence or something more sinister?

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