Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happiness is a Warm Security Blanket

Ah, Linus, you are wise beyond your years my friend.

Security blankets. We all had one at some point. It may not have been a blanket, it may have been a favorite toy, a pacifier, your Dad's favorite sweater.... the list goes on. But having it made going to bed easier, visiting family go a little smoother and maybe, just maybe, it prevented a melt down or two.

I personally can't remember if I had a security blanket, I don't think so. For me, I think my comfort came from my teddy, Edward. I know my brother went through quite a few 'security blankets'. The longest lasting one was one of Dad's sweaters, a green velour one. If I remember correctly, when he finally gave it up (cold turkey) it was down to a small square. And I know one little boy who won't go anywhere without his best friend, Hugo. Hugo is so important to this little fellow, that when he got lost, his mother had to do a frantic search on the internet to try and locate a replacement (finally found one on eBay). Had him shipped overnight, only to find that Hugo 2 was in mint condition. Somewhat panicked, she spent the next couple of hours 'roughing' him up - rolling him in dirt, giving him a bath, dragging him across a playground, and finally putting him in the washer and dryer, so that when her little man got home that day, he would find his Hugo, sitting on his bed waiting for him. And as far as I know, the little guy is none the wiser - he just thinks Hugo finally came home.

But Little P, she doesn't really have a 'security blanket' per se. She has a blankie that she likes to sleep with (actually there's three of them, but she doesn't seem to notice when they get switched out to get washed). She certainly has specific toys that she plays with more than others, but not one that she won't go to bed without. And she's never been real big on the pacifiers; for her they were more of a play thing. No, for Little P, it's the bottle. And we are having a really hard time letting it go.

Unfortunately, I've come to two realizations about this. One, I think I'm just as attached to her having a bottle as she is. If she still uses a bottle, then she's still 'my baby'. She's grown up so fast in so many other ways, that I'm quickly seeing a little girl and not a baby. And I just don't think I'm ready to let that part go. And two, we are going to have to go cold turkey. Yup, Mommy is going to put all the bottles away, and it's sippy cups from here on out. I am not expecting this to go smoothly for us. I envision tantrums, crying fits and probably a few things being slammed (and that's just me).

So my fellow parents, wish us luck, cross your fingers and pray for us that this is a quick and easy transition. Cause I have a feeling the next few days are gonna be bumpy.

Saying 'ciao' from this side of the bottle.


Mommy-ism #83: crutches. No not the ones you need when you've busted an ankle, but those that we use to help us get through the days. Little ones have them too. Sometimes it's a favorite snack, or a book they like to read. A toy that makes the 'ow-ies' go away, or a song that makes them smile. Whatever it is that helps to prevent melt downs, make long hours a little easier to tolerate and gives us breathing room. And now, it's time for this Mommy to go get her crutch - that all too necessary cup of coffee, and maybe a cookie or two.


  1. The last jumper I had was brown... the green was the second last one. #3 has the same attachment to her 'sookie': a small blanket that her mum stitched together. Now that #3 is turning 4 next week, she has to give up her other 'crutch'... the dreaded dummy (pacifier.. whatever). Her elder sisters did a good job of letting go (after some bribery - #1 cost us a whole fish tank set-up, #2 only cost me a Zhu Zhu pet (the little battery-operated hamster things).. #3 apparently is asking for cash bribery... so she DOES take after me, after all).
    Godspeed with this effort, Sister.

  2. See, I don't remember a brown one - just you sitting under a wet green one waiting for it to dry. Last nights effort to get her to go to sleep without the bottle was a dismal failure. I caved - just so Mike and I could get some sleep (after about an hour of trying to get her to go down without one). It's gonna be a long road - one I'm not real keen on traveling down.