Friday, July 13, 2012

I'd like a second opinion.

Kids stick things up their nose. It's a fact of life. So much so, that there is a list of the Top 10 items that Doctors often have to remove from little one's nasal cavities. 

Included in the list are the usual suspects; broken crayons, peas/beans, beads, marbles and small toys or pieces of toys. Ones I wouldn't have thought of were; fries (why a child would even think of putting these up their nose is beyond me), spaghetti and cheerios. Funny how it's all food. 

I mention this because I was reminded today of an incident that occurred a little while ago, with a certain little boy deciding he wanted to put rocks up his nose. And I'm not talking your garden variety rocks. No, these were those fancy pants aquarium rocks that you get to put in the bottom of a fish tank. You know, the ones that are all pretty colors.

Anyway, this little boy was watching his Daddy clean out the fish tank. Saw the pretty rocks and thought they looked like candy. He asked his Daddy if he could have some candy, and when Daddy said 'no' and told him they weren't candy, that they weren't something to put in your mouth, something obviously made this kid think, 'well, if I can't put them in my mouth, I'm gonna stick them up my nose'. When Daddy wasn't looking, he grabbed a handful, snuck off to his bedroom and proceeded to put those rocks up his snout.

Daddy reckons he wasn't in his room that long, but when he heard his little boy whimpering, he went in to find him squeezing his nose and crying. When Daddy asked him what was wrong, he said 'rocks hurt my nose'. Not quite understanding what he meant, Daddy said 'A rock hit your nose?'. 'No, rocks in my nose hurting', was the response.

Understandably, this freaked Daddy out, and after looking up the little ones nose with a flashlight and confirming there was something lodged in there, it was a trip to the emergency room.

Two hours, and $500 later, ten little rocks had been removed from his nose. Since then, this little boy has not only refrained from putting anything (even his fingers) up his nose. He's also pretty wary of the fish tank.

So till next time, keep an eye on the peas, fries, cheerios and any shiny, pretty things you have. You just never know where they will wind up.


(And just cause I couldn't leave well enough alone, I found a few more nasty things kids have stuck up their nose. These include pennies, corn kernels, foam padding from a cushion [which apparently was up there so long that it had actually sprouted something - gross], and my all time favorite, Micro Machines!! I even know someone who had a couple of them stuck up their nose. Something to look forward too as Little P gets older)


  1. My girl friend is a MRI technician and told me of a story about this little boy and his dad. Dad brought son into the ER for sticking a micro mini up his nose. The technician removed it and sent them on their way. Not 3 hours later the same boy and dad were back because the dad had tried to figure out how the son had got the car in his nose and got the same car stuck in his own.

    1. That's awesome. Just shows how close Dad's and kids are when it comes to curiosity.

  2. Addison got an orange tic tac stuck up there. I seriously was laughing so hard I couldn't even focus to console her or even try and get it out. Thank goodness my mom was with us because she was able to think quickly and logically to get it out before it was pushed farther up. Oh and we were in HI on the way to the airport back home so absolutely no time to make a detour to the hospital. Thankfully, it came out but for the next 3-4 days, everytime she blew her nose it was orange.

    1. Mmmm. Orange snot. Just another wonderful thing brought to you by the makers of 'Little Ones', where everyday is an adventure.