Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Take two and call me in the morning

Having a sick baby sucks. Pure and simple. They can't tell you what's wrong, and there's usually very little you can do to help them when they are so little.

Having a sick husband also sucks. For some reason men feel like they should be able to control what happens to them, including being sick, and when they can't, well, it's like the world is coming to an end. Fortunately for me, M, usually just gives in and goes to the Doctor. He'd rather take medication and get over it quick then deny he's sick and let it drag on.

But being a sick Mommy? Well that's just the worst. You feel worse than helpless. You know you have to stay focused and alert to look after your little one (and yourself) but some days, it's just a mission to get your body to do what you want it to. 

And being sick on a holiday, aaarrrggghhhh. So our big plans for 4th of July have turned into Little P and Mommy watching parades on TV, maybe playing outside for a little while and the rest of the time this Mommy is going to be 'driving the big, white porcelain bus'. Fun, right?

So this post is going to be very short, partly because I ache all over and even typing hurts, and partly because I feel a quick trip to the bathroom coming on.

Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations. And in the words of Ted 'Theordore' Logan and Bill S Preston Esq, 'Party on dudes!!'


Mommy-ism #17: there is nothing worse than a sick baby. Especially since they can't tell you what's wrong. You feel worse than helpless, all you want to do is make it better and other than cuddles and lots of TLC there isn't much else you can do. Sucks eggs big time.

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