Monday, July 30, 2012

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!!

Word of advice - hangovers and little ones do not mix. No way, no how. 

Fortunately, I have been spared this experience (essentially because being, and I quote 'kinda old', I know better), but some of my younger comrades have been on the wrong end of the bottle and had to look after little ones. 

Now I'm not saying to not enjoy yourself. Hey, Momma's need down time too. I'm merely saying that if you are going to find yourself at the bottom of a bottle one night, it may be prudent to enlist an overnight (and potentially early morning) baby sitter.

A young friend of mine is the mother to twins, wonderful little girls who at three, are quite um, observant of their Mommy. She had a friend coming into town, and since they hadn't gone out together for quite some time, it seemed they were overdue for a night on the town. Daddy offered to look after the girls so Mommy could go out and have fun.

And fun she had. Started the night out at a local bar, just a few drinks and a couple of games of pool. Which turned into a cab ride to The Strip, a few more drinks at a casino, a couple more at a bar and then they somehow found themselves at Coyote Ugly, which lead to more drinks, a couple of rounds of shots, and dancing on the bar. 

By this time it was 3am, and the girls decided to call it a night. Her friend went back to her hotel, and she caught a cab home. And this is when it gets good. She says she doesn't remember this, but apparently she couldn't work out how to get her key into the lock on her door and had to call her husband from outside her house to come and let her in. The rest of the early morning was a blur of getting undressed, drinking some water, crawling into bed and essentially passing out.

Daddy got up at 7am to get ready for work, got the girls up, dressed and fed, then came into the bedroom with a cup of coffee, a kiss and a couple of shadows. Mommy obviously not feeling too crash hot, got up, kissed her man goodbye and promptly made a run for the bathroom to throw up.

The rest of the day didn't change much. She spent most of the day close to the bathroom, her girls kept bringing her water to drink, and pretty much just entertained themselves. In the afternoon, she overheard them talking to the next door neighbor, who was asking if she could talk to Mommy. 'Mommy can't come out and play, she's not well'. 'Oh? I'm sorry to hear that. Does she have the flu?' 'No. Mommy needed to get her mood on, so she went and shot some people, found a worm and crawled around. Now she's tired, has been talking to God in the bathroom and keeps holding her head.' WOW. Needless to say, the neighbor went home a little confused.

After she had recovered enough to call her neighbor and fill her in on what actually had happened she called her husband to ask him what he had told the girls she had been doing. When he asked why, she told him about the conversation with the next door neighbor. After he had finished laughing (she says it sounded like he fell of his chair he was laughing so hard), he said 'I told them, that Mommy needed to get her groove on and was going out with a friend. They'll probably do what they used to; have some shots of Tequila and find the worm at the bottom of the bottle, dance, and then she'll crawl home. Which, is essentially what you did. I can't help it if they could hear you talking to God while you were throwing up.' That's sympathy for you.

So, lesson learned. If you are going to 'get your mood on and go shoot some people' maybe you should book a hotel for the night and let someone else watch the kids.

Till next time, keep on dancing (and keep an eye out for that worm, he's a slippery sucker).


                                                                                               (credit - Pinterest)

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