Sunday, July 29, 2012

Missing in Action

Nothing quite like starting your day off with an exploding diaper full of crap. Just stimulates the senses. Especially when you are suffering from constant bouts of vomiting. Yay! It's gonna be AWESOME.

I hate being sick. And I don't just mean like hating peak hour traffic. I really, REALLY hate being sick. It ranks right up there with brussel sprouts (eewww) and stepping in dog crap in good shoes. It's a fruitless, wasteful act and I despise it.

Mothers aren't supposed to get sick. Not the full blown, laid out for days, can hardly move kind of sick. A sniffle, a wee bit of a cold, yeah, I get it, helps keep your immune system rocking, but not being able to do anything for days at a time sucks. Big time.

Trying to be entertaining to a toddler can be hard enough without the added pressure of not feeling well. Throw into the mix a sick toddler, and well, let's just say the last few days have been very long and wearing.

M has been a trooper throughout it all. I'm not an easy patient (don't know who I could possibly get that from), and with Little P being super clingy and easy to upset, it's been rough on him too. But we got through it, just like we always do. 

I can tell you one thing though, I want to have the system little kids do when it comes to throwing up. None of this awful, whole body retching business. I want it to come out like it does with them, like a hose being switched on. Just get it all out, in one quick movement. Bllllaaahhhhh. Done. Okay, let's move onto the next thing.

So, now that I'm back in the swing of things, I'll be hopefully finishing up some final posts and be hitting them at you nice and hard. 

So, get ready for the onslaught, cause 'I'm BAAAACCCCKKKKK'.


Mommy-ism #93: sick Mommies. There is something just completely and unnaturally wrong with a Mom being sick. I think there should be some sort of over the counter immediate remedy for the 'sick Mommy'. Who has time to be throwing up, being sore all over or not being able to move when you have a family to look after? I think the drug companies are missing a really big market niche here. You lot hear that. Got going on it. You'd make a mint. (Heck, I'd buy shares in it).

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