Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nailed It - Teacher Appreciation Gift

Part two - 'Teacher Appreciation Week'

So following on from last week's post:

I had decided to go with the 'supply box' idea. With my list of 'ingredients' on hand, I started digging around in my craft stash to find the necessary goodies to fill the container. But first, I actually needed a container.

Earlier, I had decided that I would take Little P to one of the outdoor malls here (it has a pretty decent sized playground and the kind of stores that carry fun things like boxes and craft-y stuff, not to mention the odd Banana Republic) and while strolling through the aisles of The Container Store I managed to pick up a box that I figured would do the job.

All of the other goodies I already on hand from stocking up at places like the Dollar Store, Target and Wal-Mart. Which is really the best part about a project like this - everything, and I mean everything, you can manage to get super cheap (especially if you stock up on these things during 'Back to School' sales). So you can make something that's useful without breaking the bank.

Here's what I got:

-  Container (The Container Store) for $10, and with a coupon for $5 off, it was a whopping $5
-  Crayola Crayons (cause they just can't be beat. I had these on hand from stocking up when   
   they were two for $1)
-  Craft sticks (picked up from Wal-Mart during a previous craft inspiration day and never 
-  Googly-eyes (heaps left over from a craft that I did ages ago and only used 4 of them for)
-  Pom-poms (same deal as the googly eyes)
-  Star stickers (picked up from Michaels when they were on sale - yay for the $1 bin)
-  Chipboard letters (free – from a friend who had no use for them)
-  Glitter (same deal as the letters)

So, all I really paid for this was $5 for the container as everything else I had on hand either from previous crafts or I had picked up with other purchases when they were on sale. Not bad, huh?

(I also made her name using wooden letters from a big container I got from Wal-Mart eons ago - I of course forgot to take an after picture; I covered them in Washi Tape and attached velcro dots to the back so she could attach them to her 'wall of fame' wall - has pictures of all her kids on it)

wooden letters

wooden letters

And then, all I did was arrange them in the box, as best as I could in some sort of logical arrangement. 

teacher supply box

As I didn't want to put scrap book paper on the front of it, or overly embellish it (as that's just not the teacher's style), I instead looked for a quote about teachers, found this one from Einstein and using my new found love of all things chalkboard I created this fun little printable: 
Einstein teacher quote
(I found the tutorial on how to do that over at "How to Nest for Less").

So what do you think? Did I ‘nail’ this one (and really, it’s kind of hard to screw this one up).


(as a side note, I also found this awesome printable at "Plum Adorable" . Printed it out, added the kids names (I had to be super sneaky for that one) popped it in a frame I already had on hand, and tah-dah!! One very cool and super easy gift for Teacher.  Some days, I truly amaze myself.)

teacher appreciation print


  1. Such a fun idea! I've also seen them where they put paper clips, candy, and other fun stuff in them.

    1. I know, right. That was part of the problem - too many things to choose from. In the end, the fact that she looks after 2-3 years olds had more of an impact on what I felt should be in there. Maybe next year I'll include candy...

  2. Good job - great idea