Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Finity and Yond!"

Little P has quite the attachment to a certain Buzz Lightyear and his best pal Woody. And really, there are worse things she could be fond of (Bratz dolls come to mind). But you know a character has had an impact on your little one, when after successfully going "number 2" on the potty they yell out 'Finity and Yond!', followed by a slight pause and then 'Hey howdy hey.'

Yup, that's my talented little girl. 

It could be much worse. She could be quoting Spongebob Squarepants for example.  Or repeating stuff from pretty much anything on Nick Jr. (I'm sorry, I just don't get a lot of the kid's programming on that channel - it seems to be directed at either grown ups who are high, or, well.... no, just grown ups who are high). Seriously, who is that happy all the time? And what on earth are 'Bubble Guppies'?

Alternatively, she could be repeating what I have said to complete a certain little boy I know....

Young Master W has a fondness for telling complete strangers exactly what it was that his parents talked about that morning. For example, I got this gem just recently; 'Guess what? Mommy has hemp noids and Daddy hates cream because it smells like butt!' 

(Translation: Mommy (who is 7 months pregnant) has got hemarroids and asked Daddy to pick up some cream for them on the way home. His response was 'Okay, but I really hate picking up that butt cream - people always look at me funny.')

See? Could totally be worse.

'To finity and yond!'


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