Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ships in the night

There was a time, a long time ago, when M and I were on different schedules. He had finally made the break from working nights to a 'real job' (one that sees the daylight) and I was still running the show at a nightclub. So there were many times when I would just be crawling into bed and he would be getting up, passing each other like 'ships in the night'. 

Which was okay. Because we knew it was going to be a short period in our lives together and there would be a time when we would be on the same schedule again.

Fast forward about 10 years and we are again on different schedules, and now with a little one in the mix. Normally this isn't a bad thing - Little P spends Saturday's with Mommy, Sunday's with Mommy and Daddy and Monday's are for her and Daddy to spend time together. We get to share dinner together three nights a week and breakfast on roughly three, sometimes four depending on M's schedule. And at the moment, it works. It's not ideal, but it's not horrible either.

This past week however, has been rough on all of us. With CES in town (that's 'Consumer Electronics Show' for those of you not in the know), it's been a crazy week. Being one of, if not the biggest conference in Las Vegas, means that traffic sucks three times as much, and navigating any where around the Strip is next to impossible. Which in turn means that for me to get in my hours at work AND avoid the headache of getting to Little P's daycare in time, I have to be leave for work at an ungodly hour. It also means that M is insanely busy at the restaurants so his hours are longer and life is just a little off balance.

The end result of this is that Little P and I have to leave the house at 6:30am (I know, yuck, right), which is roughly when M has been in bed for about two hours. It also means that we are both in bed by around 8:30pm (which is just when things are warming up for M). The mornings have become a blur, but it's also provided a little early morning entertainment for me.

For example, yesterday, M didn't remember us coming in to say 'bye' so in his half awake/half asleep trance, he heard the garage door open and came running downstairs in his PJ's to catch us before we left. 'Did you say bye to me' he asks. 'Yes, we did, about 10 minutes ago.' 'Oh. I don't remember.' And off he rushes to give Little P a kiss, smooches me and then runs back inside saying 'Ugh, it's cold'. Well, yeah, if you are standing in an open garage in just your jammies, it's going to be cold.

And this morning, he was busy talking in his sleep about donuts of all things, while I was gettung ready. I'm not sure if he remembered us saying 'bye' this morning, but in his sleepy state, he still managed an 'I love you'.

So, while we haven't spent a whole lot of time together this week, and our communication has been limited to text messages, phone calls and leaving each other 'love notes' on mirrors and shower screens, we both know it's just one of those things and life will be back to normal in no time. 

And Little P? I think she's just enjoying the fact that Mommy's too tired to make dinner so we have had 'Mommy and Little P' dates each night this week.

Till next time.... aw, bugger it. I think of something witty when I'm not so tired.


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