Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Auld Lang Syne

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Sitting here early on the first morning of 2013, necessary cup of coffee in hand, watching a rather magnificent sunrise and I'm hit with a wave of nostalgia.

The last time I can remember doing this, the watching of a sunrise on the new year, alone (M and Little P are still sleeping), was in 1999 (well, '99 going into 2000). I hadn't met M yet, Little P was not even a blip on my radar and my life was pretty different.

It was after a rather eventful night, and I was headed home on the tram with every intention of going straight to bed, but as so often happens, the universe had different plans for me. I got sidetracked walking home from the tram stop, and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the beach, with a coffee and a croissant (still smelling of cigarette smoke and spilt alcohol), watching the sunrise.

It was breathtaking. Even after all these years I can still say that. I remember the sun just peaking over the horizon, seeing it's reflection start to show on the water, watching it briefly disappear behind low clouds only to reappear in all it's brilliance what felt like moments later. I knew at that moment, that 2000 was going to be a banner year....and it was. It was the year I started working for a company that would not only provide me with some wonderful life long friends, but also technically gave me M, and the chance to move to the States to be with him. It was the year I essentially went from being a 'club kid' (which, if I'm totally honest, was exactly what I was) to being an actual grown up, with goals and plans and aspirations.

It was the year I knew what being in love truly was, everything else had simply been a forerunner to this all encompassing, unable to breath, spinning wildly out of control feeling that I had for this other person. I wouldn't feel that way again till Little P was placed in my arms for the first time.

2000 was the year that, although the computers of the world didn't rise up and attack us, and we weren't sent into a crazy non-technology based society, it was the year that I discovered MP3 players and that Excel spreadsheets really weren't that scary. It was the year I tried, unsuccessfully, to teach my American boyfriend how to drive stick shift (on the 'wrong' side of the road).

It was a banner year.

2013 is going to be one too. I just know it. I have a job I enjoy, work with a bunch of great people and I'm learning new things daily. And while some friends have moved on, I have made a bunch of new ones, and my old friends just keep getting better (something to do with aging like fine wine...). I have my little angel, Little P, who just amazes me every day and makes me laugh and cry and just want to be silly. I have M, who even to this day, when he takes my hand, still takes my breath away, and I have family in two continents now - my love has gone global.

And as in 2000, we survived a potential earth shattering day - 12/21/12 - only to wake up on the 22nd to see no real discernible change (I still think Skynet is just biding time). We have Little P's 2nd birthday coming up, my Dad's 60th, my Father-in-law's 70th, my 40th and my Mum's 60th all to look forward to this year. Potential trips to Australia, LA and back to New York are all on the books.

2013. Definitely going to be a banner year.

So, to you and yours, may the sun rise on a wonderful new year and may it be full of surprises and much happiness.

From me and mine....here comes the sun!


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  1. Oh my friend, you are beautiful and I am so glad that I had you in my life for 2012. Here's to an amazing New Year.