Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little Insight Goes a Long Way...

Thought I would share some of the wisdom's that have been imparted on me by some of my little friends (and I totally said that as Tony Montana in my head).

"Orange isn't really orange - it's just a yellow that's angry."

"Batman is the best because he has cool cars and bikes and things to throw at people that go 'whoosh."

"Ketchup is the blood of tomatoes."

"I don't like it when Mommy wears make up. She looks scary. Like the Joker." (I love this one. Should have seen the look on Mommy's face when she heard this).

"If you spend too much time in the water, you skin gets all puny." (I am assuming he meant 'prun-y' but you never know).

"If you smile too much, your cheeks fall off."

"Remote's aren't toys. Unless they come with a toy, and then they are just broken."

"I like wrestling with Daddy - but when he and Mommy are wrestling they make way more noise than I do."

"Mommy was drinking her 'special water' yesterday and today her head is going to fall off."

I love how kids minds work.


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