Friday, August 10, 2012

I feel pretty, oh so pretty....

Remember the days, you know BK (Before Kids), when you actually enjoyed getting ready to go out? When you had the ability to take your time. Maybe put on some of your favorite music, pour yourself a drink, mull over what to wear..... Ah, the 'good old days'.

Now, when it comes to getting ready, you have to employ stealth maneuvers and multiple distractions just so you can spend ten minutes throwing your hair up, slapping some makeup on and grabbing the first thing you see to wear.

And on those rare occasions when you actually might have a little time to get ready, you find yourself going 'Bugger it. This will do.' You know, those days when you have grand aspirations of doing your hair, creating a wonderful movie star look, and half way into it you kind of just give up. "Heck, I'll just do the front and put it up - no one is going to pay attention to the back of my head" (which means no one is going to realize that I couldn't find an normal hair clip to use and had to borrow my daughter's 'Dora' barrette).

That was me today. Night out with the girls - been looking forward to it all week. And I did have grand ideas about what I was going to wear, how to do my hair and make up - it was going to be AWESOME.

This is what I thought I would look like:

Yeah, I know, maybe reaching a little high, but hey, a girl can hope.

This is how I felt I looked as I was heading out:

Okay, maybe not quite like this but you get the idea. 

What happened in the past year that the simple joy of preparing for a night out becomes more of a chore? Did having a baby really change my habits that much? And as she gets older, will I finally revert back to my pre-child routine of taking a good hour to get ready and actually enjoy it, or is this it?

I really hope for Little P's sake I get back into the groove with this. I guess only time will tell.

Till next time, keep the hairspray and foundation at the ready, you may just want to use it again, one day.


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