Friday, August 31, 2012

You know you're really tired when....

- You go to get a cup of coffee only to realize you still have a full one.

- You go to refill your cup of coffee only to realize you have two full one's sitting on the table.

- You put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the pantry.

- You stay at the open fridge trying like crazy to remember what it is that you wanted from in there; give up, walk away and immediately remember what it is that you wanted.

- You fall asleep rocking your little one to sleep (and wind up with a wicked crick in your neck).

- You fall asleep rocking, only to realize that your little one has been asleep in their crib for an hour.

- You and your little one pass out on your bed after a full day of running around. It's only after you wake up that you realize not only do you have your drool on your face, but you are covered in your little one's as well.

- You leave the house while still in your PJ's.

- You manage to leave the house fully dressed, but with your slippers still on.

- You leave the house, get to your destination only to realize you don't have your diaper  bag (which contains all the necessary items to keep your little one entertained)... or your wallet.

- You pull out of the drive way only to realize that you have left your little one, fast asleep in their crib.

- You put your little one's diaper on backwards.

- You put your shirt/dress/pants/sweater on backwards and don't realize it's that way till you have run errands for over an hour and only find out because you see yourself in a  mirror in a public bathroom.

- You spend the morning walking around in public with spit up on your shirt.

- You spend the morning walking around in public with a Cheerio in your hair.

And my current favorite way to know your tired is: you fall asleep on the couch, only to wake up with small pieces of a toy imbedded in your face.

Ah, Motherhood - ain't it grand?!


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