Thursday, August 23, 2012

Easy Peasy...

Today, instead of showing something that I made (although, I have a feeling that I will post one later today, just depends on how I'm feeling), I thought I would make a confession.

I. Heart. Subway. Art. 

Phew. I feel so much better now that I got that out. Yup. It's totally an addiction and one that started around Thanksgiving last year. It all began innocently enough. I was looking for ideas on how to decorate the house for Christmas time - I wanted to do something other than the traditional ornaments and Christmasy things. And I stumbled upon this wonderful website - Eighteen25 - three sisters who were born and raised (and still live) in Las Vegas and their awesome subway art printables!

                                             (the one that started it all)

What's this? Something that wouldn't cost me anything and that would be a quick and easy way to update our Christmas decor? I was so 'over the moon' happy about this that I think I lost the next couple of hours trying to find more. And before you know it, I have a bunch that I like, printed out, put in frames (thank goodness for Michaels and the Dollar Store for cheap frames) and had placed through out the house. Poor M didn't know what happened. He went to work one night and came home to find that there were frames with subway art on pretty much every spare wall space there was.

So, I may have gone a little overboard that first time. And I totally got my mother-in-law hooked on it as well (so much so that when there is a change in the seasons or a new holiday coming up that we will send each other photos of the subway are we are using. And the best part? Most of the time we don't use the same ones and get more ideas and inspiration from each other).

Once we got through all the holidays and came into Summer, I kind of slowed down a little bit - partly because I wasn't finding any that really grabbed my attention, and partly because I found that people where making free printable art!

For Summer this year, I decided to go with more art-like images than subway art (although I did still have a couple of them).

Like this one from Blooming Homestead

She has a ton of them, for all different occasions and even shows you how to make your own (gotta love that).

And ones like this from Printabelle:

I've also found some really cool ones for the playroom (/office/escape space):

I couldn't find the website where I got this from but 24/7 Moms has some pretty awesome ones too.

I have some great ones in Little P's room from Sprik Space and a couple I just made using Photoshop (told you, it's an addiction).

As you can see, I've got quite the collection going and very soon, I hope to talk a certain crafty Momma I know into helping me create some myself.

So, till next time, make sure there's room on the wall, ink in the printer and go NUTS!!


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