Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lost for words....

It happens. Occasionally. 

There comes a time when words just aren't enough, or at least the ones I know aren't. See a beautiful sunset and it's more than just beautiful or poetic or inspiring, it's just, more. Lying out in the open at night and looking up at a starry sky, it's more than magical or awe inspiring, it's just more. Having your little one lying in your arms, breathing softly after having a rough day (or night) due to teething or growing pains or just being plain sick... there just aren't words for how you feel.

You can't explain it to someone who hasn't experienced it. It's like being relieved and tired and happy and elated and thankful all at the same time. 

And then there's the times you are lost for words because you just can't believe someone can really be THAT stupid.

I mean, I've had some silly conversations before - working in nightclubs it's kind of an occupational hazard. Perfect example:
                                      Drunk Idiot: 'How much is a beer?' 
                                      Me: '$3'
                                      Drunk Idiot: 'So how much is two beers?'
                                      Me: (after a large sigh) '$6'
                                      Drunk Idiot: 'So what can I get for $4?'
                                      Me: (after another large sigh) 'A beer and a tip for me.'
                                      Drunk Idiot: 'Okay. Give me a vodka and tonic.'

See. Stupid conversation. But the one I had today just left me totally dumbfounded.

Was with Little P at a store that will remain nameless (for the time being), and while I was standing at the check out line, the older person in front of me heard Little P say 'hi' so she turned around and said 'hello'. 

'What a cute little girl' says she. 
'Thank you', says I. Slight pause as she looks at what I have on the conveyor belt. 
'These are boy toys, you know that right?' 
Slight pause from me as I try to decide whether I answer politely or sarcastically (I go with the polite version). 'Yes, I know they are for boys.'
'So are you like one of those lesbian type ladies who wants her daughter to have gender equality and give her toys for both boys and girls so she's not forced into a gender specific role at an early age?'
Um, WHAT?! I'm serious. This is what she said, with the straightest face and the most sincere tone. I really had to stop and make sure she wasn't just poking fun. Nope. She was most definitely serious.

At this point, she's getting ready to pay for her items, so I decide the best way to answer her is just straight up. 'No, I'm not one of 'those lesbian type ladies', although I do have quite a few friends who are. I'm actually buying these for a friends son who has a birthday coming up.'

'Oh. Well good choices. My grandsons love those.' That's it. After that little rant, she pays, grabs her bags and walks out the door. Meanwhile, I (and the cashier) are both standing there with our mouths open wondering what the hell just happened. 

I made peace with myself a long time ago that I have one of those faces. People just want to start up conversations with me - anytime and pretty much anywhere. Comes in handy when you are a bar tender, not so much as a Mom. I have random people giving me unwanted advice and making unnecessary comments. Now, I apparently also look like one of 'those lesbian ladies'. Just one more thing to add to my resume I guess.

I'm thinking I might need to start wearing a scarf and large sunglasses everywhere I go just so people won't talk to me (or would that simply invite more unwanted conversations?).

Till next time, I think I'm going to just start ordering things online.


Mommy-ism #108: blue is for boys, pink is for girls. I say 'Phewy' to that. If Little P decides that blue is her favorite color and that she would rather wear shorts than skirts and play with cars and trucks instead of dolls, well then, so be it (I don't foresee it, but hey, you never know). I know it's something that has been around for eons (the whole boy/girl classification of toys business), but it's nice to see that boys toys like Lego's and girls toys like toy kitchens are now being made for both sexes. Maybe one day, the Lego's for girls won't be pink and the kitchens for boys will include aprons... just a thought.

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