Friday, August 17, 2012

You are getting sleepy...sleepy...sleepy

Oh, for crying out loud, go to sleep!!

Why is it that little ones fight going to sleep so badly? The tears, the tantrums, the down right crankiness - it's all signs they just need to give in and sleep. It's like they feel they will miss out on something wonderful if they close their eyes. 

Sorry to disappoint you little one, but we really aren't that interesting. Know what we do when you finally close your eyes and go to sleep? We take a nap. Or we do the laundry. Or goof of on the internet. See? It's not worth all that fight to stay awake, it's really not.

I'm currently listening to Little P over the monitor, fighting nap time. It goes from tears, to pleading (Mommy, please, Mommy), to being angry (Mommy!! Mommy!!), back to tears... if she doesn't settle soon, I'm going to be the one giving in and get her out of her room. Once she gets to a certain point, it's beyond helpless. She'll be awake for another couple of hours and then pass out, exhausted.

I hate days like this - it just makes the whole day a big old waste of time. I can't do anything till she's had a nap - if I try and take her anywhere she'll be happy for all of ten minutes and then she'll want to do something else. Which will result in tears when I put her back in the car, to excitement when we get somewhere, to being bored once we get there. And then we repeat the cycle again. Her attention span when she's tired is like a gold fish - about three seconds.

I'm hoping that she'll eventually give in. The pauses between noise are getting longer, so fingers crossed she's gone down. 

And then, maybe, I can take a nap too. Or do the laundry. Or maybe start the laundry and take a nap. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'm nothing if not a multi-tasker (and yes, sleeping while the laundry is running is classed as doing more than one thing at once).

Till next time, sing those lullabies, keep your fingers crossed and hope the Sandman comes to visit soon.


Mommy-ism #77: 'I don't want to go to sleep!', 'I don't want to go to sleep!', 'I.... don't...... want..... to.......' Yeah kiddo, you do.
I don't know why they fight so hard to not go to sleep, if someone told me to take a nap, it would be 'okay, don't have to ask me twice. Na-night'.

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